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Do it Yourself Listing Rate Starting at 1%.

                  We Provide:

                       Professional Photography and Floor Plans

                       Guidelines and Check list to properly prep and curate                            your home (prior to photos & showings)

                       MLS Exposure PLUS Real Estate Sites including                              , Zillow and Trulia

                       Aspirational Listing

                       Fully Secure Electronic SentriLock lock box

                       Data-Backed 4-Factor Pricing & Negotiating

                       All Showings Scheduld via Text

                       Property Specific Web Site

                       Full Color Professional Flyer PDF you can print

                       All Needed Forms and Contracts Delivered Digitally

                       Yard Sign, if desired​

                       PLUS Optional Marketing Vehicles

Marketing your property to the right buyers. In order to market the best listing we spend hours on product preparation. Most agents spend a ton of time trying to market a listing that is not attractive to buyers. 

When your home hits over 100 websites the information and the photos are in harmony with the buyers looking for your home.

We promote your home, not ourselves.

If you can not see the difference in our service in a ten minute conversation we are probably not for you.


Aspirational Listings


Aspirational: adjective

1.relating to or characterized by aspiration 

or a strong desire for something: 

2.aimed at or appealing to people who want

to attain a higher social position or standard

of living: 

Aspirational listings resonate with todays buyers.


Timing, visual stimulation, expectations, touch and words all play a role. It is not coincidence our listings sell in hours for top price, they are designed to.


Your buyer will receive the listing notification when they are ready to act, they will click on the listing and see what they  desire, they will read a stimulating description that enhances the emotion of your home...honest expectations are created.


Upon arrival your buyers expectations will be exceeded, the home looks better in person than online (which is usually not true). 


There are no subconscious distractions, the experience is curated. How they enter, where their attention is drawn, what they smell and what they hear are all designed to create a feeling of calm.


Through research, experience and working with highly effective agents across the country we were able to automate a program that you can execute. Our listings have always sold in hours for records prices. This is because we put all of our time into the home prior to the listing going active. We know what buyers are looking for and are proactive on delivering that product. We sweat the details.

Side by side comparisons of Aspirational Listings with others show higher sales prices (3-4%) and hours on the market vs. weeks.

Execute these 53 points prior to listing and your home will show better than any other on the and in person. 

We will find the best price for you home using sold, active, expired and withdrawn listings + showing velocity are all considered when pricing your home. 

If this sounds like more work than you want, we will do it all for you, hire the best agent in your area and all for what you would pay the average agent. That's right you can upgrade to the best full service in the industry for free.

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