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Why HomeDipity!?

Every home has a story. HomeDipity! loves to help tell that story in an honest and compelling way. The story is more than words it is a melody of photos, words, floor plans, maps, web sites and collateral that conveys emotion and inspires buyers.

I love to help sellers tell their story. Anyone can sell a house, I help people sell homes and that is important.

7000 home sales and 25 years after initially getting my brokers license I started HomeDipity!  I have worked with the best agents across the country, I used all of their best practices to create a resource to empower sellers to be successful on their own. 

I was compelled to this when I saw the quality of service starting to decline. Brokers were focusing on pleasing agents and agents were more worried about getting business not the doing business in a quality way. It was not a concern, the market was great.

Most home sales are chance.The best agent in 2019 was the market. 40% of the listed homes sold would have sold For Sale By Owner just as fast and probably for more money. Our data shows appropriate marketing would have avoided 70% of price reductions.

Data + Experience now provides easy answers to tough questions. Data shows us the way to success in real estate. It is MLS data, it is data on buyer behavior, it is "click data," and it all will save you time and money.

HomeDipity! uses experience, research and data to create the events we want to happen. Planning leads to great results. Great expeditions and journeys start with a map. Great home sales start with HomeDipity. 


Your options are many. Email me, text me, let's  set up a call or Zoom, and create an implementation plan to get started. 


Also, we can discuss preparing your home for maximum value.


We use a 53 point system that builds value in your home every step of the way. This value-building translates to quicker sales and higher sales prices. 


We look forward to maximizing your listing!


Feel free to text 984-217-4568 or email



Scott Hoyt




Michigan Broker 

North Carolina Broker





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