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Why use HomeDipity?

  • Is HomeDipity! a Realtor
    No. HomeDipity! is a seller resource. We assist sellers in finding the best agent and best way to sell their home based on their needs. We are not tied to one company or one model. We pass on accurate and true information to sellers. Our founder has valid real estate licenses in North Carolina and Michigan. He has helped over 7,000 buyers and sellers do over $800,000,000.00 in mortgage and real estate transactions. All services beyond the For Sale By Owner program will be hired by licensed Realtors®. ​
  • How Does HomeDipity "For Sale By Owner" Work?"
    Simplicity. Step 1. You sign up online or email us, and we will contact you to complete the process. Step 2. You will receive HomeDipity! information that will guide through the preparation process, both for listing and photos. Step 3. You will receive Data Backed Valuations. Step 4. You will be set up the appointment for professional photos. Step 5. Receive photos and use our guide to curate your listing and market online. Step 6. Schedule showings, use our guide to set expectations. Sell your home! Use a local attorney to execute paperwork and guide you close OR we can find you a local licensed agent to do this.
  • What is "For Sale By Owner Plus"?"
    Everything included in the "For Sale By Owner" package plus, we find a local licensed agent to give you basic Multiple Listing Service (MLS) services that include: Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listing advertising your home for sale to buyers agents, automatically placing it on Realtor®.com, Zillow, Trulia, and many other websites. Showings Scheduled Electronically. You will be able to approve showings by text. You will receive a text when an agent wants to show your home, you will not need to be present, only agree to that time for the agent. Lock Box for Entry. Licensed Agent to assist with Purchase Agreement and process through closing. MLS rules dictate that an MLS listing must be willing to offer cooperation and compensation with other brokers. Although the listing side is reduced, there is an additional buyer side compensation. This program starts at 3.4% and varies by price and location.
  • Guarenteed Offer, Sell to a Company, Avoid showings and Hassles?"
    What does this mean? You are exchanging process for money. This is nothing new, agents have been "wholesaling" homes for decades. The new models have merely made this more popular. By using our plan, you will get you multiple bids from different companies. This not only increases your price, but it also gives you the certainty that the right decision was made. How does this work: Some companies will want to visit, so we strongly encourage preparing your home. You will receive three electronic valuations on your home to get you a baseline value. We will contact buyers and get you bids. In addition to this, we will contact agents we know have regular buyers for a home like yours and solicit bids.Doing everything possible to close the gap between "wholesale" and "retail" pricing. You pay the upfront fee, and buyers will pay any remaining fees (usually 1%, all costs will be disclosed to you before signing any contracts) for the opportunity. This is an excellent program for sellers that want to move on and are willing to give up monetary value for the value of time and certainty. If it doesn't work, try another program! We are flexible like that.
  • What Type of Home Values Are Included?
    We use electronic valuation models prepared by data firms. We use three models: 1. A model based solely on closed data from public records 2. A model based exclusively on closed data from MLS 3. A model based on statistical analysis of markets trends plus sold data These are models used by top tier banking institutions and hedge funds to monitor their mortgage and real estate owned assets and provide great insight. Again these are estimates based on data and every home is different so they are not guarenteed.
  • Who Does the Negotiation and Paperwork?
    On the For Sale By Owner Program you do. This is perfect if you have a law or real estate background or have a trusted individual in your life that does. The For Sale By Owner + Program includes a licensed real estate agent, so the paperwork and essential negotiations are covered. You will have your valuation models to help along the way. If your home is located in a high demand area, the right marketing will bring you solid offers. The Direct Program, the buyer, will provide a contract. Not a lot of negotiating with this model, the buyer is making a business decision with very little emotion. The Full-Service Luxury Program provides a super start agent that does everything.
  • What Can I Expect?
    Every home is different. Many homes are great candidates for the For Sale By Owner plans. Our study of one market showed that 41% of the homes sold would have sold without a full-service listing agent. Why? The market is hot. Buyers are starving for beautiful homes. The median days on the market in some price points and areas is THREE! Listing agents are not selling homes, demand is. With this said a very high percentage would not have happened without buyers agents to guide the buyer through the process. You may encounter a savvy buyer without an agent, but most likely they will have a buyers agent, and the buyer's agent will want to be compensated. The amount varies and, by law, can never be fixed. Our clients report paying between 2 - 3.5%. If you are on the For Sale By Owner + program that amount will be locked in at the beginning of the process. Again market dynamics will dictate the best fee structure for your home. If you have a high-end home for your market, the right agent and plan can create tens of thousands of dollars in value. The opposite is also true, the incorrect approach can cost thousands. We had a listing agent send a five-word text that made our seller an additional $60,000.00. Great agents understand timing, emotion, and motivation. Bottom line. Let us know your expectations, and we can guide you through the process.
  • Can I Change Programs
    Yes. Your can upgrade from For Sale By Owner forward and you are credited any payment towards the next program. We want you to be successful on the right program for you and your home. It is understood that you may want to give one of the programs a shot before moving up and we often recommend it.
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