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"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."


- Abraham Lincoln




HomeDipity! loves data!  We love to study ALL the details. We spend a great deal of time on the edges of the market. We understand the market generates average; we are looking for the details that generate extraordinary. We look for why did a home sell in hours or why did it not sell at all.


At HomeDipity! We compare data from different markets and collaborate with top agents across the country to determine the latest trends shaping the market. 


While we analyze hard data sourced from Multiple Listing Services and public records, we also understand that there is a great deal of anecdotal evidence that shapes the real estate truths and trends.


On the non-statistical side we also have evidence that certain colors in specific rooms reduce sales...that deep burgundy dining room you love...


Words are very powerful, especially when marketing your home. Measuring successful use of words is not sexy, but this data is one of our steps that generate amazing results.


But wait there is more! Agents, they are analyzed on many fronts. What are their pricing trends? How strong do they negotiate? Is there a built in price delta? (most of the time!)  We have created significant economic benefit to our buyers and sellers by simply applying game theory to negotiations. 


In other words we are crazy about all the minutia you do not want to worry about, just know we know what the details mean and how to execute and maximize them!


The marketing strategy has been perfected in the market place for over 6 years with amazing results. Having been tested in to very disparate markets in two states, Michigan and North Carolina, it is powerful.



Some stories from our Beta testing:


In North Carolina we were fortunate enough to test in one development for over 24 months. The details are:


     Newer development built between 2003-2007


     There is one dominant agent that accounts for 30%+ of the market      and every other major company was represented in the field..


     Due to the nature of the development it was easy to identify three                groups of homes:

          -Homes Under 3000 square feet

          -Homes over 3000 square feet

          -Homes built on Estate lots


     HomeDipity participated in seven out of 21 sales.


     Six of these sales were either price per square foot records or total      sales price records in the respective group.


Overall the average HomeDipity home sold for 5.3% higher than the dominant agent and over 6% higher than the field. The 5.3% in additional sales price represented an additional $18,000.00 to the sellers (in most cases TAX FREE $$$$!). Three of these record sales prices were on the market less than nine hours. The others averaged  11 days on market. Average days on the market for the development, 47 days.



In Michigan:


The HomeDipity! strategy was tested on a Wholesale account (one seller for multiple properties) that used six teams on an equal rotation. The equal rotation was to represent equality in zip codes, prices and number of listings.


Out of the six companies used our group led in sales price to list price ratio, 100% (only company over 90%) and days on market, 19 (half of the next best company).




The average Real Estate agent sells less than 3 homes a year.


According to the North Carolina Real Estate Commision website there were 9,377 Real Estate brokers with a Wake County adress on October 27, 2015. 


The Triangle MLS shows 19,499 sales in Wake County in the 12 month period ending October 27, 2015.


That give us an average of 2.1 sales per license.



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