How does this work?

Do you want to sell your home? This is where you start!


1. Review the tabs on the right to see what works best for you

and click the tab to send your information to HomeDipity!


2. A HomeDipity! team member will contact you to answer any questions and schedule a time to visit your home.


3. A HomeDipity! team member will tour your home and present you with market data, price points, expected sales times, and options that will make your sale a success.


4. Depending on your choice of program the HomeDipity! team will curate your listing with professional photos, floor plans, and our 53 points of prepardness. When the story of your home is ready HomeDipity! will use the REEF (Real Estate Efficiency Formula) to identify the best local agents. Homedipity! will then interview the agents and find the most competent to work the curated listing and sell your home as fast as possible for as much as possible.


It is that easy. Start packing!

*All Brokerage Services handled by licensed brokers in Michigan, Nevada, Florida, Ohio, Virgina and North Carolina.

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