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Need the Best Agent!

This is the true power of HomeDipity! Maximize your listing using this service. The benefit of the HomeDipity! proprietary REEF (Real Estate Efficiency Formula) system is to identify the most efficient agent in your area to work the awesome listing we prepare (regardless of company).


You'll receive the following benefits:


-The proven HomeDipity! listing system. Developed and market tested; it will cut your time on market and return a strong sales price.


-A HomeDipity! team member will visit your home equipped with market data, price data and activity data. After understanding your needs and what you desire, we will build a strategy to maximize your sale.


-Review our 53 Points of Prepardness. These are proven points of  emphasis that will build value in your listing and reduce  potential issues at the home inspection.


-A HomeDipity! team member will schedule professional photos and measuring.


-HomeDipity! will then curate your listing. Every peice of information HomeDipity! curates subconsciously builds value in your listing. Our experts tell your story. A story  that inspires and builds value and urgency.


-Our proprietary REEF (Real Estate Efficiency Formula) system measures key metrics on agent performace, including:

          -Success Rate

          -Pricing Effectiveness

          -Days on Market

          -Market Awareness

          -Negotiation Strength


HomeDipity! will partner with the best agent for YOUR home, regardless of company, . HomeDipity! will identify the agent that excells at your price point in your area.


Costs: 5.25% of sales price all inclusive (photos, curation, agents)


“What seemed like a lot of talk resulted in my home selling in four hours for the highest price my neighborhood had seen in five years. A great experience for us and our neighbors!"


-Steve, Cary NC.

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