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Less is More.

When preparing your home for sale, less is definitely more. More as in higher sales price, to be specific.

- Clear those counter tops, only three items please! Usually this means a knife block, hand soap and cookie jar. Or, a bowl of fruit is always good, too.

Big bright windows and photos of beautiful and bright grand-children made this room a no brainer.

-De-personalize your home? NOT! To the contrary, homes with personality sell. Clients have loved homes simply because they loved the story the photos, degrees, and personal details told. People want to live in happy home. De-personalized homes lack personality and energy.

-Remove the screens from your windows, clean them, label them and store in an organized fashion. This will make your windows look clean and improve the natural light in your home.

-Spend money to make money. The $1,000.00 you pay a handyman before your home is listed to fix the little things, like cracked caulk and grout, will come back to you many times over when the offer arrives.

These are just a few things we can know will build value in your home, contact HomeDipity to assist with your sale. We have 49 more items on our 53 Points of Preparedness that will help you crush your home sale!

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