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Somebody Is Paying For This....The Neighbors.

We take pity on this poor flyer, it can not help it is under dressed with black and white photos of an empty home printed on 20lb, 90 bright copy paper. Awwww. Not only is-it underdressed but it's also wrinkled and soggy from being exposed to the rain. 20lb copy paper is not equipped for the rain!

Not only that, it is doing some heavy lifting-attempting to sell a $466,900 house. That is a lot to expect from a such a simple underdressed thing.

Details build value in a listing. This is huge take away for an interested buyer. Can you imagine taking the poor flyer for this home and staring at it, then thinking "this is my dream home"...There is not even a web address to go to and be able to look at the color photos, floor plans and amazing prose (wait there isn't any).

We promise that if this much effort went into the flyer, there are at least 19 of the HomeDipity 53 Points of Preparedness that were violated. Those violations affect a homes value. The sellers' loss of value in their home affects the neighborhood values.....

This happens SO MUCH. This is why you call HomeDipity! It will sweat the details, and make your neighbors richer.

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