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We Love Great Agents...

There is nothing better than collaborating with a great agent, and we have worked with many. We love to shout their praises when they rock it.

This agent is rocking it:

This screen shot was taken off our sister site

The agent and photographer did an excellent job telling the story the builder worked so hard to write. This contemporary twist on the Detroit bungalow is amazing and the listing shows it.

The comments need work, though. Maybe something like..."As you walk home from dinner in downtown Birmingham back to your beautiful home, you know the ground breaking architecture of 850 Stanley not only looks amazing, it LIVES amazing. When you arrive should you retire to your 1200 square foot master suite or perhaps instead sit in the loggia and enjoy the fire with a nightcap...."

The curration of the photos here is perfect. Rarely done, it is awesome when it is done right. Buyer intrigue builds with each click. If you want to check out the listing, it will be here. 850 Stanley, until it sells. Otherwise here is some great real estate porn:

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