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So Pumped to be Open in the Triangle!

After a lot of data crunching and agent interviews we are doing business in Raleigh.

The agents we have spoken to love what we do. Helping them become efficient and rewarding them for their awesomeness.

A lot of agents are great at getting listings. Few are great at selling listings. We help both. We help the public find efficient agents.

HomeDipity! uses 15 data points to find the most efficient agents. The agents that sell homes in a manner that best serves their client, in short amount of time and for the most money.

Then we help agents that love getting listings but need help getting it to contract. These agents love our proven systems, pricing models and strategies.

We will start to include even more cool data finds in this blog shortly. If there is anything you would like to see, please email us:

And please, be a hero. If you know anyone who is thinking of selling their home, please send them our way!

As always, we aspire to inspire; back to my orange soda!

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