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Which Brokerage Do You Want?

The below graph captures data on real estate sales for a large development in Cary, North Carolina. You can see the large disparity in brokerage performance. Actually picking the best performing real estate company would reward you with over $12,000 in tax free sales proceeds. Which color would you pick?

Based on the above information it is tough to go wrong with either the green company, the teal company, the pink company or even the red company. But like any large development there are different sections of the development, so we analyzed all brokerages that had at least three sales in each section of the development and found that with one of those sections....

There was a pretty sizeable difference. The teal company and the pink company each had very few samples in the analyzed section and therefor fell out. Of the other companies all of the green company's sales in that analyzed section clearly stand out with over $3.20 per square foot more per home sold (which equals over $10,000.00 higher than competitiors' average). 15 fewer days on the market, versus the nearest competitor and average sales price of over $60,000 higher, indicating that the green company has sold larger homes.

HomeDipity! dives deep into the data to find the best solution for you.

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