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Wake County, North Carolina Residential Home Sales

The market in Wake County, North Carolina keeps plugging along. Consistent price increases in the mid-single digits, sales growth that lines up with migration all great signs and appropriate for the Raleigh area.

The most significant surprise is the five median days on the market vs. 21 days average days on the market. Sell quickly or it may take a while, something is creating that 21. The short time on the market tells me the market is doing most of the work. The "inventory issue" will escalate. Inventory is a component of MLS activity, and we see a great deal of "off-market" non-MLS sales. The short time on the market suggests more sellers may take this approach. Those are very high-level observations if you are thinking about selling we will get specific on your home and find the best way, best price, and best agent to sell your home.

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