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HomeDipity! Frequent Flyers.

The real estate professionals we work with say the biggest complement is a referral, and those are great. but at HomeDipity! we love our Frequent Flyers.

What is a HomeDipity! Frequent Flyer? Sellers that have used HomeDipity! on three principal resident transactions or more. We started in beta testing in fall of 2016 so these were all early adopters that took a calculated chance. We love our clients loyalty, we love their confidence in us. We see them as loyal, they say they are fans.

We have five such clients. Four with 3 transactions each and one with 4 These are personal transactions, and do not include referrals! Marc, one of our best clients, is putting home number 4 on the market next week. Thanks these families for their belief in us and support, this why we do this.

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