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Lochmere Market - Sellers Benefit from Great Marketing

HomeDipity! curated it's first Lochmere listing in May of 2019.

Lochmere average days on the market at that time were 27. That first home sold in 2 days with five offers on 24 showings. That let to our second opportunity, that home sold in 2 days with four offers on 22 showings. Our third listing sold in 2 days after 8 showings and open house and two offers. They all sold for over asking.

Our latest curation, 211 Lochside was a blast. A real gem. The original owners still lived in the home (a big reason Lochmere is so cool) and it was pretty much original and in amazing condition. After four days on the market (Covid!!!) we had two offers, after the quarenteen started we took the home off the market with 9 showings and 3 offers. It closed last week registering a total of 20 (Covid!!!) days on the market and sold for the second highest adjusted price per square foot for a non-lake home in Lochmere, ALL ORIGINAL.

We love Lochmere and especially the contemporary homes, with a passion for the homes and realization of the market forces we have returned great results for great sellers.

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