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What a Crazy Market

What a Crazy Market. Homes that have been on the market for years, yes years, went under contract last week. If you are selling get creative, the market is crazy. Contracts ratified last week: 549. Same Week Last Year: 425 (Wake county) Showings last week: 2510 (Raleigh, < $2m, Detached) Same week 2019: 2389 Homes listed last week: 531 Last week Wake County placed a net negative 18 homes on the market. 33 existing and new construction sales over $750,000.00 last week. 346 showings vs. 220 same week last year. 14 of the contracts were new construction many to be built. Homes that have been on the market years are selling, if you are on the market and not selling over $750K, there is a reason, and I am happy to help. This is serious and not being snarky, based on what is selling buy home improvement stock, book trades early for your project. I was in Michigan last month and the Home Depot was out of lumber, housing stock is being improved. This is the market to control your sale, our sellers are enjoying a clean, certain and stress free experience. Interested in very creative listing strategies?

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