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Discovering the Results of C-19 on Raleigh Real Estate Market.

Discovering the Results of C-19 on Wake County Real Estate Contracts ratified last week: 580 in Wake county. Homes Listed Last Week:514 a net -66 new homes on the market. 27 existing and new construction sales over $750,000.00 last week. There is NOT a rush from city to suburbs in Wake County. Raleigh data shows prices are continue to rise due to demand and limited inventory. Raleigh’s median days on market of 5, down from 7, last year is the lowest in the county. A continued demand for “staycation” type homes across the county, pools, golf course lots are moving quickly and at a premium. Northridge CC area is mind blowing & certainly benefitting from the development expanding east from North Hills. Seasonally sales are up, pent up demand and lifestyle changes due to current health concerns are drivers. We are seeing a demand for larger homes as WFH and online school become reality. The median size of homes scheduled to close Q4 2020 are 10% larger than homes closed Q4 2019. A small sample, but will be interesting where this lands. Control your sale, our sellers are enjoying a clean, safe, certain and stress free experience. Interested in very creative listing strategies? We have them.

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