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ITB Raleigh Active Listings Average Price $816,729.00

Contracts last week: 541 in Wake county. Homes Listed Last Week: 501 in Wake County a net -40 new listings on the market. 25 existing and new construction sales over $750,000.00 last week.

Reading a lot about “Urban Flight”. Not in Raleigh. Triangle MLS breaks up geography with codes, two codes dominate Raleigh ITB, or “urban” Raleigh. Sales for 2020 are 1064 down from 1176 same period in 2019. Average price is up to $439,295.

Sales are down, why? Inventory, there are 285 active listings, average price is $816,729.00. (for a detached home 180 active average price of $928,500) Only 84 are listed at or below the average sold price. 276 pending transactions with an average price of $473,897.00. Not have a flight problem, an inventory problem. The flight in Raleigh is flight to quality Control your sale, our sellers are enjoying a clean, safe, certain and stress free experience. Interested in very creative listing strategies?

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