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Raleigh Deal Fall Out Increases.

Wake County contracts last week: 552, 26 of those were over $750,000.00

Homes Listed Last Week: 505 in Wake County a net -47 new listings on the market. 32 of the new listings were over $750,000.00

Showings remain consistent. The last five weeks have generated 13,215 showings in Raleigh, compared to 11,200 for the same period in 2019.

What stuck out last week? Continued increase in “Back on the Market” listings. Homes that were under contract then back on the market. We noticed a increase the Raleigh/Wake County Market, 10 last week in the $500,000 plus market, only a 25% increase and worth watching.

A $2.277M foreclosure set to hit the market.

Facts for Sellers: Be smart about your sale, lack of inventory increases your options for a smooth transaction. Know what to ask and when can assure you a blissful path to close. A creative and experienced agents is priceless. Prep + Marketing + Negotiation = Smooth. Control your sale, our sellers are enjoying a clean, safe, certain and stress free experience. Interested in very creative listing strategies?

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