After Action Review: Relocation Buyer working in RTP

Buyer located from New England, lived in city center high rise, had long rail commute. Husband retired at time of move from intense government work.

Initial goals were 30 minute or less commute budget $900,000.00, newer home with outdoor spaces.

Time frame end of April

Many things changed our trajectory. Declining interest rates raised budget, the Pandemic impaired ability to travel and look at homes (time in New England had them chasing online listings well outside the initial criteria), inventory levels shrank, WFH had buyer re-thinking commute times.

We did a lot of video showings while client was in New England, a lot of maps and education around areas. They started asking bout homes way outside of initial criteria. After 45 days they were able to look in person many of the homes we showed via What’s App and Facetime. They started to see the reality of the homes and areas. At one point asked to have a serious conversation to tell me they did not like the areas they picked online and said they were getting nervous.

At this point we took control and refocused, looked for value, and back to original criteria. They purchased a home in the first development they ever visited, at a 10% discount to average price per square foot.

The building of the relationship and earned trust allowed us to speak candidly and honestly about areas and homes. The homes they purchased they did not want to enter, I asked them to have faith, it was a good value, with essential features and we could work through non-essential items.

The home had many features they loved more after close. Anticipating life style changes of retired husband plus high performing wife working from home has increased quality of the transaction for them and the appreciation of the home.

It was important for them to explore all areas and see all options. Although time consuming and expensive they were very confident buyers in the end. Is there a better way to avoid that process.

*All Brokerage Services handled by licensed brokers in Michigan, Nevada, Florida, Ohio, Virgina and North Carolina.

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