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Bringing the Action to Las Vegas.

We love the saying, real estate is local. If you want to be a local, real estate is local. If you want to stick out and beat the market hire someone with a larger view.

Our latest Las Vegas listing, 8135 Merlewood, is under-contract. This is the second Las Vegas listing in row to set a new high comp for the neighborhood and have a contract in under four days.

Local agents are apprehensive to let us control the marketing, but they are always shocked by the results. 8135 Merlewood had three showings in the first five hours on the market, a first for the agent we chose. This home had 777 views on Zillow and 30 ♥️'s in six days the neighboring home, priced $25,000 less, had 839 and 17 in 39 days.

Be brave, be different, be successful in your sale, let HomeDipity! make it happen for you. Look at our results page, click on photos to see individual websites. These sites are only one of the tools we implement to sell your home.

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