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Five Characteristics High Performing Listings

In an earlier post, we learned how time on the market impacts seller results.

What are five controllable things that contribute to a quick sale?

  1. Timing. There are better days and better times to communicate with buyers. Miss these times and add time to your listing. A lot of data suggests when buyers are most active online, in-person showings, and day-to-day activities. Reaching the client and their agent when they are receptive is a huge win.

  2. Home Prep. Be ready for buyers. Provide access to a home that is ready. Adding uncertainty, "repairs will be done...." brings to mind repairs and why they are still needed; what else was neglected.

  3. Great or no staging. There is no middle stage, it is excellent or terrible. Homes that sell quickly have great staging or no staging at all. Buyers respond very positively to a clean, unstaged home, and it is not hiding anything.

  1. Great listings welcome buyers and their agents at every turn. They are easy to show, full of valuable information and make requests, not demands.

  2. The information is to the point. Photos are curated to demonstrate value quickly; comments offer a perspective, not opinions, and rarely use superlatives.

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