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How We Use Data & Why

HomeDipity! is based on the premise that no one needs another real estate company, but everyone needs a better one.

What does a better real estate experience look like?

Certainty, Security, Loyalty, and Availability.

What are those pillars worth to you? It depends, if you are selling the average home over $1,000,000.00 in Wake County, NC around $135,000.00.

That's right $135,000.00, keep readying and you will see why.

I could go over all the technical aspects used to build our company and provide these four pillars to our clients, but the bottom line is how does it feel? What is the experience all about? That depends on your needs. You tell us what you are looking for, and we present and educate you on possible solutions. The goal is to empower you with knowledge and options based on savvy and data.

While one seller has a vacant home with the goal of getting the most money the fastest, another seller may still live in their home with a busy family; those needs are different. Likewise, one seller may prefer a reputable female agent to a reputable male agent. Our model accommodates all possibilities with proven solutions to accomplish the goals.

I guess the bottom line is after 20+ years and managing over 7,000 transactions, I have been fortunate to learn more than most about a family's most important transaction.

I have also been fortunate to learn about the people in my industry and how to decipher the truth on behalf of my clients when negotiating and setting expectations. I can see an agent selling their listings for 10% below the original asking price. When they make price reductions, I can tell when buyer's agents pay over asking or those that negotiate hard and try to renegotiate after due diligence.

We are not in the business of selling homes, we are in the business of creating certainty and maximizing seller results.

At HomeDipity! we analyze data to save clients time, control the narrative, and make the market. We are not judging anyone; we are protecting our clients. We know that the most popular high-end agent is also the least effective, selling homes for 10% less than the top agents, what does that mean? The most popular agent for over $1mm homes in Wake County, North Carolina sells on average for 10% less than original list price and it takes twice as much time as the top agent. The average sales price $1,364,000.00

That is difference of $135,000.00. That is the value of HomeDipity!

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