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Michigan Home Sales Back To Normal

Michigan Homes Sales Back to Normal.

Kent County (Grand Rapids, MI), Genesee County (Flint, MI) and Oakland County (NW Metro Detroit) are all showing trailing 90 day sales similar to the same period in 2019.

A serious lack of inventory has led to strong price performance with Kent County up 10.5%, Genesee County + 8.3% and Oakland County + 5.4% over same period in 2019.

All market segments are showing strong market velocity indicating a sellers market. Search activity across platforms indicates these current market conditions will continue.

If you are selling hire a value building agent that understands how to negotiate up the transaction ladder and you will have a very enjoyable process. Need an agent? Let me know, finding top agents is what we do.... the best way, best price and best agent to sell your home.

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