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Raleigh/Cary NC has 40% Increase in High End Sales in Q3 2020

High end sales continue to soar as buyers are looking for more space and more amenities at home. In Q3 of 2019 223 homes sold north of $1m, in Q3 202 that number is 320s. Of those 320 117 were new construction compared to 93 in 2019.

Wake County contracts last week: 495, 19 of those were over $750,000.00

Homes Listed Last Week: 470 in Wake County a net -36 new listings on the market. 24 of the new listings were over $750,000.00

Although those numbers sound pedestrian, they are up 19% from same week last year. Q3 sales are up to 6121 from 5553 in Q3 2019.

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