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More Tips for Selling Your Own Home

Selling Your Own Home?

Three Things that will save you time, make you money and create a smoother transaction.

1. Prepare your home. There are variable here based on your home’s location and price, my hard and fast rules are:

-Spend any dollar that will increase value by at least $5.

-Don’t do what homes that aren’t selling are.

-Be better than the competition.

Eliminate things that consciously or unconsciously reduce the value of your home. Example’s: discolored light switches or outlets, uncaulked counter tops, clutter, dated paint colors, unmatched light bulbs.

2. Photos. Hire a great photographer. Even if you are an expert, get another pro, the unbiased eye is best. There is a huge difference between real estate photographers, some photographers aim to take great photos, others aim to make the property look great. The biggest complement I can give my photographer is her photos inspire a great number of people to come see the home, and 90% say it looks better in person.

The order of the photos is huge, if you talk about certain features in the comments show those photos up front. One exterior photo is enough to get going, move quickly to valuable spaces of the home asap. You have 4 photos to make an impression.

3. Show by appointment. Schedule appointments 45 minutes to an hour apart. When showing keep in mind the buyer is picturing their new home, your job is to give the facts and allow them space and time to imagine. Make sure to point out the things you and your neighbors love about the neighborhood.

Remember getting an offer is only the first part of the process, be ready for the home inspection to have a clear path to closing.

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