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Wake County, NC Market Report

So much conflicting information. If you are buying a home it certainly does not feel like prices are falling. If you are selling a home it could feel like the market is dead or still raging depending on your area, price point and most importantly your agent.

Here is the reality, we are moving sideways with prices, for most sellers euphoric over ask offers a thing of the past; for a few sellers that is reality. The market is based on small details right now and the story they vs. place, room count, amenities, bad staging vs. good staging, the color of your kitchen, appropriate photos all add up to big dollars in the end.

Here are the average sales prices in Wake County since Q1 2019 for existing homes.

2023 vs. 2022 is basically the same, Q2 will dip slightly keep scrolling to see why....

Here is the average original list price, you can see sellers in today's market are giving more thought to lack of inventory than interesest rates.

Below shows the average price difference between original asking and sold price. Or the amount over or under original asking.

Below shows the number of listings that sold for at least $1,000.00 over asking by quarter, this is surprising, keep in mind the Q2 2023 numbers include 1 month.

305! IN APRIL ALONE! Mortgage rates have receded a touch from there high and the market has picked up especially in certain markets.This is the story of two markets, if your home is lingering or now off market let us show you why any how to maximize your sale, if you are going to market skip the uncertainty and call us for a proven strategy.

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