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What is Listing Curation?

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Seller success is the timeliest, pain free transaction at the best market price. That is our standard.

We measure every metric against the market to insure our clients are getting value from their relationship. Showings, time on market, price per square foot, price and closing time are all measured on every transaction and a post close review is done to find improvements. This process has led to what we call Curation.

Curation is creating a flow of increasing expectations that is exceeded at every interaction. The perfect example of this is creating a listing that the walk through is better than the photos, words and property specific information than inspired the buyers to visit the home. It is creating a source of information that builds on the homes value they can refer to after the visit.

We know buyers are emotional animals, people are comfortable with emotion when there is certainty. Building an environment around our listings that creates certainty is inspiring to buyers. By removing all irritations, negative experiences and distractions and replacing them with continuity, reliable sources, and life style facts in a manner in which buyers want to receive we are building a road to smooth transaction.

Every interaction creates value. Think about when you receive information and how the timing impacts you. When are you most receptive to new information? Does that infomation make your feel special or respect your intelligence?

We know a great transaction that increases the experience from initial awareness to close. Every step delivers more to the buyer.

Curation is how we work.

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