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Winning in Las Vegas 

Increase the odds in your favor!

The HomeDipity! for sale by owner plan was built to help smart people achieve great sales. In addition to time with an assistant, to answer questions and help guide your journey, you get tested systems, properly curated professional photos, appropriate comments, staging advice and how and where to market your listing.

Also get tips on how to how to avoid common inspection issues and negotiation traps. This system has already helped Las Vegas sellers win.

We have analyzed thousands of listings and tested our findings, we build listings that inspire buyers. HomeDipity! curated listings sell fast (national median days on market since 2013 = 5, our average sales for the same period is 100.08% of list price) Below are some examples of our work in Las Vegas.

8960 Echo Ridge, Canyon Gate

Initial Agent Price Estimate $449,000.00

The owner in curating the home, with a limited budget we were able to brighten up the home and add key selling points. Professional photos and comments were used to secure over 4,000 impressions online, 12 showings and three offers in three days on the market at a price of $486,868.00

8960 Echo Ridge-2.jpg-vsuniqueid-601ef1c

Mattingly, Meridian

Agent Original Price Estimate $445,000.00

This did not take much, we cleaned. We removed distractions, our professional photographer accurately captured the home and we focused on value propositions in marketing. Sold for $498,868.00 Full price five days on market.

23 8078 Maddingley front Close Up.jpg

For Sale By Owner Assist Plan

Built to assist sellers sell quickly and for the best price and terms. 

These are the same tools and systems used by top agents to consistently out perform the market. You work with a marketing guide to schedule and curate, and receive the following:

Curated Photos and Comments

Numerology Based Pricing

What to Expect From Agents

How and Where to Market Your Home

Guides toPreparing for Showings, Inspections and Photography.

See all of our options Here


8960 Echo Ridge-39.jpg-vsuniqueid-601ef2

Merlewood, Meridian

Initial Agent Price Estimate $465,000.00

This was a long term rental and showed it. The seller had a small budget and we went to work with $7,500.00 budget we were able to bring the home to life! Online presence was huge and we secured multiple offers after four days of active marketing and sold the property over ask at $530,000.00

8135 Merlewood-3-SMALL.jpg

Increase the Odds on Your Listing

What we do is based on science. We know what inspires buyers, what expectations to set online so they are exceeded at the showing. 

Use our expertise to increase sales price, shorten time on the market and have a smoother transaction.

-Appropriate photos, over exposed photos look like a magazine ad, not a home to purchase. Under exposed photos look like you are too cheap to have professional photos.

- Photo order, buyers bore quickly, the order of your photos matters!

- Comments that help them imagine their life in the home, not yours.

This is the over simplified  version, if you want more info contact Scott at 919.208.8368.

He is in Las Vegas assisting clients Feb 17-24.

8960 Echo Ridge-38.jpg-vsuniqueid-601ef2
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