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Results speak louder than words....

Data + Expert Advisors = Great Results.

HomeDipity! is a dream our founder had about how consumer focused real estate should work. Transparency. Effectiveness. Honesty. Having been directly involved in over $600,000,000 in real estate sales, originated over over 1500 mortgages, sat on multiple Real Estate Boards, he has seen it all. After interviewing extremely high performing agents across the country and breaking down their systems he found the common elements; attention to detail, intention, and creativity.

HomeDipity! will show you the best way and best price to sell your home.

Here are a small sample of our success stories!


How do you sell a 100 year old home in Downtown Flint, Michigan for mid six figures? Get creative, call HomeDipity!

This place was amazing, in 1924. Now a foreclosure that was the victim of multiple failed rehabs. We turned the clock back and uncovered the provenance of this once spectacular home and with the help of local media told the story of possibility. Time on the market?  10 days. Multiple offers, price greatly exceeded seller expectations.

Sold Price $504,500 * Off Market Sale

Cary, North Carolina

This was only the second one over $470,000 in neighborhood (the other is below). Sale Number 4 was almost identical home, with fresh paint and updates and sold for $27,000 (5.6%)  less  with the local discount agent...they did save $2400 in commission. ... OUCH.

Sold Price $608,000 * HOURS on Market 7 

Cary, North Carolina

Really the house that started it all, an amazing seller with big expectations pushed us to perform. The story is amazing, and inspired the name HomeDipity!  Truly a great example of our creativeness in action. When we speak ask for the story.

Sold Price $404,150 * HOURS on Market 6 

Cary, North Carolina

Other Neighborhood homes for sale at the same time

1. Sold Price $384,000 Days on Market 10 * Square Feet 3014 * Price Per SqFt $127.41

2. Sold Price $385,000 Days on Market 4 * Square Feet 2835 * Price PerSqFt $133.87

3. Sold Price $399,000 Days on Market 2 * Square Feet 2990 * Price Per SqFt $133.75

4. Sold Price $363,000 Days on Market 4 * Square Feet 2803 * Price Per SqFt $129.50

Sold Price $461,000 * HOURS on Market 8 

Cary, North Carolina

Initially this home was a big challenge, it was one of six active listings in the neighborhood, the smallest and equally priced, our marketing efforts had 14 showings in the first 8 hours, an over asking sales price. The sales price was 3rd highest (the top two were both HomeDipity! homes) and price per SqFt was second (of course 1 & 3 were HomeDipity! homes). Yes the neighbors all ignored the short comings of their listings and dropped prices to sell. HomeDipity Clients sold for $8-$12 a square foot more!

Sold Price $288.868 * Days on Market 57 

Cary, North Carolina

This was the highest sales price in this condo complex, and a huge challenge as we had to work very hard to rebrand this product after a developer bail out. We worked with a new HOA to put policy, improvements and assessments in place to hush rumors and increase marketability. Our hard work paid off for our clients they were told they would never get their money back by other agents, they exceeded their initial investment.

Sold Price $588,000 * HOURS on Market 35 * Square Feet 3654 * Price Per SqFt $160.91

Cary, North Carolina

Sellers were at the beach when they got the call they were being transfered out of state immediately. They called HomeDipity! and we went to work, we handled what the movers left us. We spent 38 hours prepping the home and sold it in 36 hours. Sellers made an 20.7% profit in 26 months. The neighbors now have an awesome new neighbor. Win-Win.

Sold Price $598,500 * Active Days on Market 63 * Square Feet 3818 * Price Per SqFt $156.75

Cary, North Carolina

The biggest challenge on this home was the price of a very similar home that backed up to the greenway (the subject home backed up to apartments) that was priced and sold for $535,000. We really had to build and sell value, which we successfully did. This was the second highest sales price in development at the time and still top seven on sales price and price per square foot.

Sold Price $467,000 * Days on Market 11 * Square Feet 3456 * Price Per SqFt $135.10

Cary, North Carolina

This was one of many homes on the market at the same time in the same development. This was the third highest price per square foot and second highest price (the only homes higher were HomeDipity! homes).

Sold Price $558,500 * HOURS ON MARKET 5 *

Cary, North Carolina

This home was coming on the market, we were getting it ready. We had a line of people looking at the home down the street and brought a couple down, by the time we hit the third floor we had a full price offer, extended close and rental period. A great home, both parties made out very well.

Asking Price $268,868.00 * Hours on Market 94* First Michigan HomeDipity!
Fenton, Michigan

Home sold for $268,000. Four Bedroom, two and one half baths, 2400 square feet in Fenton Michigan. The owners got an appraisal for $225,000, our data suggested otherwise, always good to call HomeDipity. 

Sold  $268,868 * Contract in 24 Hours * Brighthurst, Raleigh North Carolina

Sold for $265,000.00. Record Price for non garage unit by $25,000... that is only 10%.  :  )  Working with this Brighhurst Condo seller was awesome. Our collective craziness propelled his beautiful condo to market 20 hours before the Winter Storm warning hit Raleigh. Brave agents showed and wrote it. The new buyers are going to love it .1150 square feet, two bedrooms, two baths.

Under Contract in One Day. ... $428,868

Sold Price $429,000.00

Cary, North Carolina

Seller was transferred and had unusual circumstances, we were very dilligent about creating an inspiring listing and finding the right buyer, we did and they are thrilled to be moving into this amazing Cary neighborhood.

East Grand Rapids Dream Home. Asking Price $1,186,868.00

 Three competing offers = Sold Price - $1,265,000.00.

Grand Rapids, MI...Iconic ranch home in East Grand Rapids. We found the right buyers for this ultimate family home. walking distance to all school and the marina @ Reeds Lake. There is a self sufficient attached flat perfect for inlaws or Au pairs. Entertainers dream with all the right updates. 

Captivating Stair in Michigan... $528,868.00

Flushing, Michigan

Owner anticipated living here forever and made the appropriate updates. Three fireplaces, finished basement with enteratinment area, work out room, cinema area, den, panic room, and a TON of storage. Dream Master bedroom. and huge fenced lot. A curators dream.

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 9.34.46 AM.png

Grand Rapids, Forest Hills. Represented buyer, $925,000.00

Fantastic home with replacement value around double sales price. We worked with sellers to identify the opportunity in this home for their family and long term investment. Really enjoyed working with fantastic agents in Grand Rapids.

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